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Feature Items

Jewel Weedless Jigheads
$2.99 - $3.19

Match this jighead up with your favorite softbait and catch more fish with fewer hangups out in the water. [more]

Seaguar Abrazx Fluorocarbon Line
$26.99 - $189.99

SeaGuar, the inventor of and world leader in fluorocarbon fishing line, is the only company in the world that makes its own fluorocarbon line. SeaGuar has two new 100% fluorocarbon lines. One of them is Abrazx. Intended to let anglers hit heavy cover with confidence. Advanced abrasion resistance.… [more]

AMS Safety Slides
$13.49 - $29.99

When used properly, AMS Bowfishing's Safety Slide System will ensure that your fish line will not tie itself to the bowstring, which is the cause of deadly arrow snap-back. Here's how it works: The slide is installed over the arrow shaft. Tie your line to the slide. When the bow is drawn,… [more]

Seaguar Invizx Fluorocarbon Fishing Line
$24.99 - $489.99

A new, soft, supple, castable, clear line created specifically for freshwater presentations. This super-sensitive fluorocarbon line is virtually invisible underwater, featuring abrasion resistance and superior knot strength for hook setting power. Made from exclusive Seaguar resins and extrusion… [more]

AMS Retriever Pro

Fast, Simple and Zero-Drag with Exceptional Line Control, just like the Original Retriever. The great features you've been wanting are here. A Telescoping Clamp makes adjusting for different sized hands a breeze. There's More Clearance on the Mount Plate for protruding arrows rests and a… [more]

AMS Braided Dacron Line

3166-0013:200# Braided Dacron Line, Neon Yellow in color. Adequate for all types of fishing. 25 yards will fill one standard Retriever bottle. [more]

Shimano Chronarch CI4+

The Chronarch series of reels from Shimano has been taken to new heights with a design that incorporates the latest reel making technology, including the rigid gearing of X-Ship and an evolved carbon formulation called CI4+. The combination creates a tight, corrosion resistant reel that is both… [more]

AMS Ams String Things

An updated version of the old standard finger tabs to protect your bow fingers on those all night and all day bowfishing trips. Extended length on the double pad provides adequate room for your fingers. The String Things also allow you to shoot split fingers or install the single pad with the… [more]

AMS Tidal Wave Rest

This bowfishing specific arrow rest is a great addition to anyone's bowfishing setup. The nearly fully enclosed snap-in, snap-out arrow rest completely controls your arrow while allowing a quick insert system, so you're not wasting time reloading when that school of fish remains in view.… [more]