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Feature Items

Jackson Kayak Karma Rock Garden - 2015

"RG" - (Rock Garden, River Expedition): Based of the highly successful Karma UL, the Karma RG is a play boat for the ocean...and an expedition boat for extended whitewater and mixed water ventures.. Its a blast for paddling in rock gardens, exploring sea caves, running pour overs and surfing ocean… [more]

Jackson Kayak Riviera T - 2016

Jackson Kayak’s most loved Riviera just got even more FUN, now available as a Tandem. The “Rivi-T” offers the same comfortable high-back seat on both the front and back sitting location. A tandem sit on top allows you to work together when paddling, or simply bring someone along for a ride. Whether… [more]

Jackson Kayak Riviera - 2016

The Riviera is Jackson Kayak’s blend of easy and FUN! Designed for its simplicity, the Riviera is a great option for those looking for an easy to use, easy to store, and comfortable sit on top. The high back on the seat gives you the comfort and support you need to to enjoy your paddling… [more]

Orion Cooler 25 Quart

The Orion 25 The ultimate in personal, customizable portability, the Orion 25 is the cooler under your feet as you sight cast from the SUP; it’s lashed to the quad when scouting the back country, and doubles as the wife’s chair at the kids’ soccer tournaments. Rides effortlessly in canoes and… [more]

Jackson Kayak Kilroy DT - 2016

The new Kilroy Delta Tango – “DT” represents a stellar tandem platform that slightly wider and longer than the original Kilroy. The DT is all about versatility! Designed to excel as a tandem it can paddle great as a solo kayak too! The JK Elite Seats with a Sealine storage pouch can be placed in… [more]

Jackson Kayak Kilroy - 2016

This sit-inside kayak design also incorporates several other Jackson fishing features found throughout our sit-on-top kayaks. Features like the Hi/Lo seating in the comfortable Elite Seat 2.0, the fast Cuda 12 hull shape, enormous amounts of protected storage for fishing and hunting gear, protected… [more]

Orion Cooler 35 Quart

The Orion 35 Are you one of those people who will let a whim turn the usual day trip into an overnighter? Do you run in circles that occasionally result in an unexpected extra mouth to feed? Say hello to Orion 35, the perfect step up from our smallest model. It’s worth noting that the extra volume… [more]

Jackson Kayak Skipper - 2016

Kids have often asked us, "How come grown ups get all the cool stuff on their fishing kayaks!?" Well, young anglers, we've listened and just like we did with our kids whitewater kayak line we have made a specific model for those energetic lighter weight anglers - the Skipper. We often noticed that… [more]

Jackson Kayak Coosa HD - 2016

Jackson Kayak’s top design team once again teamed up with pro kayak angler Drew Gregory to put an “HD” twist to the already popular Coosa model. This ‘heavy duty’ fishing craft boasts amped up specs/features and is slightly longer and wider than the original Coosa; this makes it even more stable… [more]

Orion Cooler 45 Quart

The Orion 45 You know that guy who can work on cars, do some plumbing and carpentry, field dress a deer and recite a little Shakespeare? The Orion 45 is the cooler equivalent. A Renaissance cooler, you might say, that’s ready for just about any outing. Smartly packed, it can serve an individual’s… [more]

Jackson Kayak Cuda 14 - 2015

The Jackson Kayak “Cuda 14” has taken many of the great features kayak fishermen love from the Coosa, and included them in a well-rounded kayak that can handle the rigors of offshore fishing. With rod stagers, hi/low seat, removable skid plate, rod tip cover, and ample in-hull storage, the Cuda 14… [more]

Jackson Kayak Tripper 12 - 2016

The Tripper is based on the stable and versatile Kilroy hull. This sit-inside recreational kayak is designed for fun family adventure. The Tripper 12 comes with loads of storage space, our super-comfy Hi-Lo Elite Seat, and never ending ways to personalize it for your own use.Its extra-large cockpit… [more]

Jackson Kayak Kilroy Realtree Edition - 2015

Based on one of Jackson Kayak’s hottest fishing kayak models, the Kilroy, and wrapped in hunting’s leading waterfowl camo designs, Realtree Max-5, comes Jackson’s newest innovative hunting machine, The Realtree Edition Kilroy! Realtree has long provided sportsmen and outdoor enthusiasts alike with… [more]

Jackson Kayak Big Tuna - 2016

>> Can be set up as a tandem kayak or solo kayak >> Unique “Tuna Tank” livewell (or dry storage) built in >> Fantastic stability - perfect for the “big boys” in the solo mode! The Big Tuna is one of our largest capacity kayaks with the ability to paddle either as a tandem or a solo fishing kayak.… [more]

Jackson Kayak Cuda LT - 2015

What if Jackson Kayak’s top selling fishing kayak was able to get even better? What if the the one attribute of any kayak (weight) that people always want improved upon could be improved upon? Well, the Cuda LT may not be equivalent to “sending a man to the moon” but it’s an impressive achievement… [more]

Orion Cooler 65 Quart

The Orion 65 If we ran things, every household would have at least one Orion 65. Let an ice storm or hurricane take out power. All you’ll need is a block of ice and the 65 to keep the storm beer cold and everything in the fridge and freezer safe from spoilage. Which means a long week in the field… [more]

Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 - 2016

Designed to be paddler friendly for multi-purpose use, the Cruise 12 is a great option for anyone simply looking to get out on the water. With outstanding comfort and ease of access thanks to the unique Hi-Lo elite seat, you’ll want to stay on the water all day! Deck storage space along with a… [more]

Jackson Kayak Tupelo 12 & 12.5 - 2016
$899.00 - $899.99

Designed for cruising the waterways with comfort and efficiency, with loads of storage and convenient accessories, the Tupelo is your premier, feature laden recreational kayak. Like touring and whitewater kayaks, the Tupelo comes sized for the paddler, with the 12.5 for larger paddlers and the… [more]

Jackson Kayak Rogue - 2014

Jackson Kayak created the Rogue 10 Kayak to serve two purposes: the first as a posed, nimble whitewater charger and the second as a fully-capable and comfortable light touring boat. You'll find the same tough, plastic resin Jackson uses in its whitewater boats, a stern hatch with storage enough for… [more]

Jackson Kayak Cruise Angler 10 - 2016

The Jackson Kayak Cruise 10 Angler kayak fills a variety of niches. It is a great price point kayak for someone looking to get into kayak fishing without all the bells and whistles, but enough features to make your time on the water enjoyable. It is also a great platform for an avid angler who is… [more]

Jackson Kayak YakAttack Edition Coosa - 2016

The YakAttack Edition of the Coosa is a fully featured version of the river-running flagship, The Coosa, plus a number of key accessories from YakAttack. Draped in the unique YakAttack colors of Slate, Orange, and White, and complete with custom orange gear tracks, and YakAttack graphic on the… [more]

Jackson Kayak Tripper 12 - 2015

The Tripper is based on the stable and versatile Kilroy hull. This sit-inside recreational kayak is designed for fun family adventure. The Tripper 12 comes with loads of storage space, our super-comfy Hi-Lo Elite Seat, and never ending ways to personalize it for your own use.Its extra-large cockpit… [more]

Jackson Kayak Cuda 12 - 2016

The Cuda 12 is the little sibling to the Cuda 14; it was designed for those anglers who enjoy fishing many different water types – rivers, lakes, ponds, ocean – but can only purchase one kayak. The popular 12ft length makes it easy to store and transport off the water, yet is quick enough and… [more]

Jackson Kayak SUPerFISHal - 2013

Land a few big fish from the deck of the Jackson Kayak SUPerFISHal Stand-Up Paddleboard. This paddleboard was designed specifically for fishing, with cam straps to hold extra gear, screw-in deck mounts for accessories like rod holders, and removable fins that keep you tracking straight and true for… [more]

Jackson Kayak Kracken - 2015

This kayak is designed for some of the most challenging paddling environments in the world and intended for the offshore and big lake kayak angler.This kayak marks the first collaborative design between legendary kayak angler, Jim Sammons and Jackson Kayak’s design team led by Tony Lee. The end… [more]

Jackson Kayak Big Rig - 2016

The name of this kayak, Big Rig, sums up exactly what it is intended to do and for whom it was intended to do it for - big stability for the many anglers that deserve a model to help them feel comfortable in a smaller watercraft, and even allow them to stand and fish from one! If this kayak was… [more]

Jackson Kayak Cruise Angler 12 - 2016

The Jackson Kayak Cruise 12 Angler, similar to it’s little brother the Cruise 10 Angler, fills a variety of niches. The 12 is better suited for anglers that want/need more speed and better tracking than the 10 ft version can offer. It is also better suited for anglers that need a higher weight… [more]

Jackson Kayak Journey - 2013

Whether you're just learning to paddle or have a decade of experience under your belt, the Jackson Kayak Journey 13.5 Kayak is the go-to choice for multi-day touring adventures. Designed by world champion paddlers, the Journey gives beginners the stability, control, and comfort they need while… [more]

Jackson Kayak SUPerNATURAL - 2013

You'll feel instantly at ease on the Jackson Kayak SUPerNatural Stand-Up Paddleboard. Rotomolded construction and a wide, stable footprint make this board highly durable and incredibly easy to paddle and balance on. Explore a slow-moving river, do yoga on the lake, or slide a cooler onto the… [more]